Delta® Flashing Roll Tape (6")

Delta® Flashing Roll Tape (6")


(12 - 16 Weeks)

Delta® Flashing Roll Tape (6")

Product Code: 22610547

A premium, durable, self-adhering flashing that makes an enclosure system air and water tight. This tape is used to seal the interface between rough openings for windows and doors, common building substrates, and to all Delta® air- and water-resistive barrier membranes.

A special polypropylene carrier film with a pressure-sensitive butyl-base adhesive and an easily removable polyethylene (PE) release liner.

Delta®-Flashing is very puncture resistant and includes self-sealing qualities that resist air and water ingress at vulnerable detail areas.

Non-bituminous, low odor, and suitable for LEED® rated projects.

Fully compliant with AAMA 711-07 Voluntary Specification for Self-Adhering Flashing Used for Installation of Exterior Wall Fenestration Products.

6” x 75’ (15 cm x 22.86 m) rolls



  • Apply to a clean, dry surface.
  • Recommended sealants are Delta®-Than and Delta®-Tilaxx
  • If alternate sealants are used, they should be tested for compatibility before use as per AAMA 713.