Terms and Conditions:


1. Shop drawings are not included. Quantities and takeoffs are the responsibility of the customer.

2. Extrusions are shipped in stock length sizes to be field cut unless indicated otherwise.

3. Average lead time for boards from Universe inventory is two weeks.  Average lead times for the procurement of EQUITONE boards from Belgium or Germany is 14 to 16 weeks for a standard color finish. Average lead times for the procurement of Trespa boards from The Netherlands is 10 to 12 weeks for a standard color finish.

4. Shade variance is not a reason for rejection of EQUITONE boards as this is considered normal for a natural material.

5. Panels are not designed to support signage or other projections, blocking or other methods should be utilized.

6. Care should be taken when handling panels and uniform multi-point lifting using suction cups is recommended.

Payment Terms:

7. Payment in full prior to pick up or shipment.

8. Customer agrees to make final payment of the Purchase Price before Universe will release warranties and unconditional lien waivers.

9. Either party may terminate an order before materials have been shipped from the Universe facility.  In the event Customer terminates this order, Customer shall receive a refund minus a 10% cancellation fee.

10. Returns will not be accepted after materials have been shipped or picked up from the Universe facility.

11. If a company has purchased boards directly from EQUITONE, Trespa or another source for a project, then it is our policy not to offer additional emergency boards out of Universe inventory for sale. Exceptions to this policy require the approval of the President of Universe.

12. For orders not approved for shipment or picked up by customer within two weeks of Universe Corporation’s notice that the order is ready for shipment or pickup, customer agrees, at Universe Corporation’s discretion, to pay a storage fee of up to $200.00 per week thereafter based upon the volume of the order.


13. Universe cannot control and will not be responsible for material availability or lead times from its suppliers and the consequential impact upon the project schedule.

14. Any date specified for performance by Universe is an estimate only, and Universe is not guaranteeing any delivery date, performance date or other time period.  Universe shall exert reasonable efforts to accommodate Customer’s request for delivery and performance.  If Universe’s performance pursuant to this agreement is delayed at any time by labor disputes, fire, unusual delay in transportation, adverse weather conditions, unavoidable casualties, delays caused or contributed to by the Owner, Architect, Contractor or any persons on the job, or any cause beyond Universe’s control, then the time for performance shall be extended for a reasonable period of time.


15. The freight terms for material shipments from Universe to the delivery location are F.O.B. Edison, NJ, Las Vegas, NV or St. Louis, MO, and Customer assumes all risk of loss from theft, casualty or other causes once the materials are shipped from Universe.

16. Customer is responsible to file and process all freight claims for materials damaged during shipment from Universe to the delivery location.  It is recommended that all deliveries should be inspected and documented with photographs by Customer for damaged materials before accepting the shipment.


17. Finish warranties are through the board manufacturer and supplied by Universe Corporation.  Please contact us at 314-439-2800.  Trespa warranty information can also be found at the Trespa website.