Delta® Fassade Roll Tape (2.5")

Delta® Fassade Roll Tape (2.5")


(12 - 16 Weeks)

Delta® Fassade Roll Tape (2.5")

Product Code: 02203549

High-performance, durable, self-adhering sealing tape with critical, long-term UV protection.

Works together with Delta®-Fassade S and optimal for open cladding systems. This tape provides a seal around penetrations such as windows, doors, and end or side laps. It also provides high UV and puncture resistance. Available in matching matte black to maintain the desirable high-end shadow look.

Delta®-Fassade Tape consists of a carrier film made of Delta®-Fassade S, a pressure-sensitive adhesive, and an easy to remove split paper release. This tape is non-bituminous, low odor, and suitable for LEED® rated projects by contributing to a more durable, sustainable, and energy-efficient structure.

2.5" x 65' 7" (63.5 mm x 20 m) rolls