Trespa Pura Royal Mahogany

Trespa Pura Royal Mahogany



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Trespa Pura Royal Mahogany

Brand: Trespa
Product Code: PU04

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NOTE: This product color has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  When Universe stock is sold it will be unavailable. 

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Trespa Pura – Flush Siding

This attractive and durable siding is manufactured in The Netherlands and comes with a 10 year material guarantee which includes color stability. It can be installed vertically or horizontally.  Trespa Pura is simple to cut and easy to install. Please visit Trespa’s website at for more information and design ideas.

Finish: Matt

Thickness: 8mm

Weight: 2.3 Lbs./Square Foot

Trespa Pura: 7.09” x 120.08” – 4 Planks per Pack at 23.68 SF/Pack (Brown edge finish)


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Due to variations in color monitors, settings and operating systems, the colors that appear on your screen may not be identical to physical samples.

Thickness 8mm
Weight 2.3 lbs./square foot
Finish Matt finish with a brown core
Use Ventilated rain-screen facade