[linea] LT90 Inventory

[linea] LT90 Inventory


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[linea] LT90 Inventory

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  • Always lift panels off each other. Never slide them over one another or scratching may occur.
  • To carry panels, stand them on edge and lift with two people (one person at each end) protecting the face from scratching or damage. Always lean panel towards back face to avoid damaging visible front face.
  • Rest the panel edge on soft supports.


  • All panel materials must be stored flat on pallets
  • Store materials inside and undercover in dry conditions to protect them from weather and other trades.
  • Stack pallets in a way that allows for ventilation. Permanent surface staining in the form of efflorescence may occur if moisture is allowed to penetrate or sit between stored sheets.
  • Prevent condensation from forming on outer plastic protection by allowing for ventilation when conditions are warm.
  • Do not deliver any panels on site which cannot be installed immediately or unloaded into a suitable well protected storage area.
  • Store products clear of the ground and on level supports at a maximum of 2’ centers.
  • Individual stacks can be 20” high.
  • Do not stack more than five (5) individual stacks on top of one another.


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EQUITONE [linea] full boards

Thickness: 10mm

Size: 4' x 10' (48.03" x 120.08")

EQUITONE [linea] is a 3D shaped, through-colored fibre cement facade material that plays with light and shadow. Every [linea] panel is unique, displaying the raw and untreated inner texture of the core fibre cement material.

We now inventory EQUITONE in each of our two locations.  Manufactured in Germany and Belgium, EQUITONE® fibre cement facade materials are through-colored, textured sheets of cement, cellulose and other mineral materials.  They come in a maximum sheet size of 4' x 10'.  Please visit their website at www.equitone.com to learn more about their products [linea], [lunara], [tectiva], [natura] and [pictura] and their design possibilities.


Due to variations in color monitors, settings and operating systems, the colors that appear on your screen may not be identical to physical samples.

NOTE: A forklift is required to be supplied by the customer at destination to unload boards for delivery orders. Universe personnel will not load individual, uncrated boards into customer vehicles for customer pickup orders. Customers must provide sufficient personnel to hand load boards into customer vehicles.

Dimensions 48.03" x 120.08" (4' x 10')
Thickness 10mm
Weight 3.4 lbs/sq ft
Finish Through-colored materials; edge finish matches face
Fire Class Fire Class A2-s1-d0
Use ventilated rain-screen cladding