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10mm Drill Bit for Floating Panel Holes

10mm (3/8”) For use with the Universe/SFS Intec Facade Rivets to create Floating Panel Holes. To b..

11mm Drill Bit for EQUITONE Uni-Rivets

11mm (7/16”) For use with EQUITONE Uni-rivets to create all panel holes. Floating and fixing point..

7/32" Drill Bit for Fixed Panel Holes

7/32” (5.5mm) For use with the Universe/SFS Intec Facade Rivets to create Fixing Panel Holes. ..

7mm Drill Bit for Wood Batten Fasteners

7mm (9/32”) Used to make panel holes in EQUITONE panels for fixing to wood battens. ..

Circular Saw Blade for Fiber Cement

Malco Blade for 7 1/4” Circular or Table saw (FCCB7) (4) Teeth 5/8” Arbor 8300 RPM Max..

Custom Nosepiece for Rivet Gun

A custom made accessory required for Universe SFS/Intec panel rivets to create the perfect offs..

Drill Bit Centering Fixtures

An accessory fitting any standard drill and used when affixing EQUITONE to a Universe aluminum ..

Extra Battery for Gesipa Riveting Tool

Extra/Replacement Lithium-Ion Battery Fits Gesipa Rivet Tool 18V (arrives uncharged) ..

Gesipa Riveting Tool Kit

Riveting Tool Kit Includes the following: Gesipa Riveting Tool  (2) 18V Lithium-Ion Batteri..

Gesipa Tool Replacement Jaws

Pack of three (3) replacement jaws for Gesipa Riveting Tools. Riveting tool requires (3) ..

Jig Saw Blade for Fiber Cement

Bosch T141HM1 Jig Saw blade Carbide tip T-shank 6 teeth/inch ..

Milling Tool for [linea]

Used to mill the raised surface of EQUITONE [linea] panels to allow rivet heads to sit flush with th..

Replacement Bits for Centering Tool

Replacement bits for hole centering tools. We recomment replacing the bit with each box of r..

Sponge and Tray

Used for Luko Oil edge sealant application. Any standard sponge applicator and small plastic tray w..
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