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10mm Drill Bit for Floating Panel Holes

10mm (3/8”) For use with the Universe/SFS Intec Facade Rivets to create Floating Panel Holes. To b..

11mm Drill Bit for EQUITONE Uni-Rivets

11mm (7/16”) For use with EQUITONE Uni-rivets to create all panel holes. Floating and fixing point..

7/32" Drill Bit for Fixed Panel Holes

7/32” (5.5mm) For use with the Universe/SFS Intec Facade Rivets or the Torx-head wood batten fasten..

7mm Drill Bit for Wood Batten Fasteners

7mm (9/32”) Used to make floating panel holes in EQUITONE panels for fixing to wood battens. Use i..

Drill Bit Centering Fixtures

An accessory fitting any standard drill and used when affixing EQUITONE to a Universe aluminum ..

Replacement Bits for Centering Tool

Replacement bits for hole centering tools. We recomment replacing the bit with each box of riv..
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