Circular Saw Blade for Fiber Cement

Circular Saw Blade for Fiber Cement


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Circular Saw Blade for Fiber Cement

Product Code: FCCB7


  • Fiber cement contains crystalline silica. Respirable silica contained in cutting dust is known to cause cancer.
  • Use this blade in a well ventilated area. Wear appropriate protective mask (in U.S. wear N95 NIOSH certified respirator).
  • Always wear goggles or safety glasses.
  • Keep body and clothing clear of all cutting.
  • Do not exceed maximum safe operating speed.
  • All Malco blades are designed to be operated by a qualified user.
  • All guards and safety equipment must be on your saw before operating.
  • Ensure that blade is the correct diameter and arbor size for your tool.
  • Do not attempt to cut metal or concrete with this blade. Do not attempt to cut curves.
  • Do not use this blade if it has cracked, chipped or broken teeth and cracks in the body.
  • This blade is not intended for resharpening.  If cutting edge dulls or you notice a performance reduction, replace with a new blade.

Malco Blade for 7 1/4” Circular or Table saw (FCCB7)

(4) Teeth

5/8” Arbor

8300 RPM Max

Polycrystalline Diamond face carbide tipped

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